paradise lost full text

His brooding wings the Spirit of God outspred, The Heads and Leaders thither hast where stood

Had entertaind, as di’d her Cheeks with pale. The more she will acknowledge thee her Head, He ask’d, but all the Heav’nly Quire stood mute, By Fowl, Fish, Beast, was flown, was swum, was walkt Conversion and Repentance, as to Souls Deep malice to conceale, couch’t with revenge: Where Armies whole have sunk: the parching Air With Ministeries due and solemn Rites: Things unattempted yet in Prose or Rhime. Bent all on speed, and markt his Aerie Gate; From Beds of raging Fire to starve in Ice In prospect from his Throne, how good, how faire, To whom the Patriarch of mankind repli’d. Born through the hollow dark assaults his eare Adore him, who to compass all this dies, Of danger tasted, nor to evil unknown Put forth, and to a narrow vent appli’d From Paneas the fount of Jordans flood [ 535 ] Planted, with Walks, and Bowers, that what I saw Which he presumes already vain and void, So they among themselves in pleasant veine With wide Cerberean mouths full loud, and rung With noises loud and ruinous (to compare Pleas’d, out of Heaven shalt look down and smile, My fairest, my espous’d, my latest found, Living or dying from thee I will not hide Be sure then. The speediest of thy winged messengers, With glistering Spires and Pinnacles adorn'd, [ 550 ] Can either not receave, or can repell. That open now thir choicest bosom’d smells Conceales not from us, naming thee the Tree Alcinous, host of old Laertes Son,

Seis’d us, though undismaid: long is the way Nor think thou with wind Th' Arch-Angel Uriel, one of the seav'n

And long he wanderd, till at last a gleame As with a smile more bright’nd, thus repli’d. Beholding shall confess that here on Earth

Brooks not the works of violence and Warr. Because not yet inflicted, as he fear’d, As deep as Capricorne, to bring in change Contending, and remov’d his Tents farr off; Those happie places thou hast deignd a while To illuminate the Earth, and rule the Day Such was thir awe of man.

Poems Bright’ns his Crest, as when a wandring Fire Were slunk, all but the wakeful Nightingale; Which I must keep till my appointed day The worst, and not perswade thee, rather die Light above Light, for thee alone, as seems, To that meek man, who well had sacrific’d;

And thou th’ accuser. Know ye not me? Before his eyes appeard, sad, noysom, dark, His rivals, winning cheap the high repute Thereof, nor shall ye touch it, least ye die. Thenceforth, but in thy presence Joy entire. Canaan he now attains, I see his Tents Chewd bitter Ashes, which th’ offended taste Rough, or smooth rin’d, or bearded husk, or shell Goddess humane, reach then, and freely taste. Little inferiour, by my adventure hard Mean, or in her summd up, in her containd

Who hates me, and hath hither thrust me down

As he suppos’d, all unobserv’d, unseen. Plainlier shall be reveald. Was gatherd, which cost Ceres all that pain To which the Fiend thus answerd frowning stern.

How all his malice serv’d but to bring forth The happier state To his grim Idol. Mee though just right, and the fixt Laws of Heav’n

Strict Laws impos’d, to celebrate his Throne So willingly doth God remit his Ire, With long reach interpos’d; three sev’ral wayes Yet dazle Heav'n, that brightest Seraphim On the Crystallin Skie, in Saphir Thron’d. Shot forth peculiar Graces; then with voice Into my hand was giv’n, with charge to keep So saying, with dispatchful looks in haste

I saw when at his Word the formless Mass, Between Thee and the Woman I will put The one seem’d Woman to the waste, and fair, Shall Truth fail to keep her word, All Nations shall be blest; hee straight obeys,

So strictly, but much more to pitie encline: So much the rather thou Celestial light Take to thee from among the Cherubim Another now hath to himself ingross’t Taught by the heav'nly Muse to venture down Compulsion thus transported to forget Over the burning Marle, not like those steps Undazl’d, farr and wide his eye commands, Wider by farr then that of after-times Safe towards Canaan from the shoar advance From me, whom he created what I was That for the general safety he despis’d

It seem'd, now seems a boundless Continent Of lucre and ambition, and the truth
Revolvd on Heav’ns great Axle, and her Reign Of Godhead, fixt for ever firm and sure,

The more it seems excess, that led thee hither Which of those rebell Spirits adjudg’d to Hell no, let us rather choose Thee I have misst, and thought it long, depriv’d His entrance, and forewarnd the Cherubim To thee who hast thy dwelling here on Earth. Swallows him with his Host, but them lets pass Then commune how that day they best may ply By sin to foul exorbitant desires; His praise ye Winds, that from four Quarters blow, Thou at the sight The Makers high magnificence, who built Thy terms too hard, by which I was to hold The matin Trumpet Sung: in Arms they stood That brought me on a sudden to the Tree
Her Temple on th’ offensive Mountain, built Down from th’ Ecliptic, sped with hop’d success, And thy request think now fulfill’d, that ask’d

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