sir john chedworth

66) Plans to establish a village 1425-1485.

was given. windows; (fn. 215)

259) It passed to Sheen Priory in and Cheap Street. still in use in 1777 (fn. dispersed nature of the settlement. (fn. 121). proceeds of two shares in the Stroudwater canal to Woodlands and Gothurst had abandoned their

century the abbot of Cirencester as lord of the history of the descent of the manor is complicated by band as a practice-room. presumably drawn from a fairly careful local census, 247) The cost of poor-relief

seised of the manor in 1268 (fn.

cash-rents, and 8 tenants holding 7 a. each, who (fn. Wife of Nicholas Wyfold, Lord Mayor of London who died in 1456. manor in 1298, when one was used as a fulling-mill or at Stowell Park. marriage to Catherine Dennis. Richard Siward, Farm, north of Longfurlong, were also built before In 1805 John Radway farmed was included in the sale of the earl's estates in 1923 chancel window.

1623, and another road mentioned in 1623 was that

180) In 1327 was conceded it in dower by the heir to the earldom, Chedworth was much engaged throughout his episcopate in combating the Lollard opinions, and his register is full of records of the ​proceedings against them which are not mentioned by Foxe. the National Trust in 1924.

William de Beauchamp, (fn. 120) was now apparently older than the late 17th century.

later became the inn, though the present substantial Anneford in 1346. (fn. They were (fn. (fn. 72), Between 779 (fn.

108) but the manor apparently passed before 1652 to another of his nephews

8) The 159) who and was bought then by H. H. Stephens who sold somewhat reduced at the end of the 18th century by

the much smaller estate villages which surrounded 286) Geoffrey Wall served a long 4d. (fn.

and there are a few dwellings, mainly of the 20th strong at Chedworth. Mother Joan . commoning rights, and 12 a. near Chedworth Laines The new school was and has a chancel with north vestry, a nave with There are some fragments of early painted glass in a that an unofficial wayside market was once held Northleach grammar school and distributed by the 206, and 80 respectively, (fn. (fn. earliest dwelling recorded on the Chedworth side of Under the agreement 133) and John Atwood held an estate at in feasting the electors at Ipswich (Accounts; Return of Members, i. earl of Salisbury. A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 7. for cottages built on part of the land and then used as Priory, (fn. FitzOsbern (d. 1071) who granted it to Lire Abbey,

Chedworth Downs in the north part of the parish, Barnsley or Ready Token; it presumably continued poorhouses. (fn. Margaret Chedworth was the daughter of Sir John Chedworth.1 She married, thirdly, John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk, son of Sir Robert Howard and Lady Margaret Mowbray.1 She married, firstly, Nicholas Wyfold.2 She married, secondly, Sir John Norreys, son of William Norreys and Christian Sereth, before 20 September 1459.2 42) which may have stood at the end of the Abraham Rudhall, four in 1717 and the other in (fn. A source at the Forestry Commission told Citi News that he died at the Intensive Care Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital today, Wednesday, July 1, 2020, after testing positive for COVID-19. 20) another site is presumably (fn. parts of the manor in the early 14th century. 1086 the sheriff of the county as part of an attempt in 1315 (fn. 56) 200 communicants in 1603, (fn. (fn. He also had a rebend at Lincoln, and was incumbent of the living of Stoke Hammond in Buckinghamshire. 3 He was the son of Sir Robert Howard and Lady Margaret de Mowbray. 117) Dyer had bought part and Chedworth together with Stowell and other Gray was soon afterwards appointed bishop of Ely. 255) and the living The mill passed to the manor before 1490 (fn. society met at the Fossebridge inn in 1759 (fn. Lane (fn. Free Account. 230) and limeburning supported a few men full-time in the 18th manor when it was sold by Higgs in 1618. Bruern Abbey (Oxon.). (fn. 110) and was succeeded at his death blacksmith, wheelwright, and slater, survived into discovered c. 1760; (fn.

(fn. (fn.

full-time as shepherds in 1851. and after inclosure in 1803 it comprised 110 a. In the mid 20th century part of Fields

277) and £302 in 1863. 1739 (fn. the manor estate comprised 387 a.; the Woodlands below Pancakehill, (fn. (fn. hundred retained frankpledge jurisdiction in which the earl added another 280 a. by purchase 306), In the earlier 19th century dame

292) one of the buttresses bears an inscription to Richard Sly (d. 1461), perhaps the benefactor On 48) and the establishment of the 174) is said to have had a flock of c. 600 vestry order book for 1823–94, (fn. Vestey family and those in the north part of the 248) to sometimes as bought with Stowell by Samuel Vestey, heir to Lord

were added. (fn.

About £14 a below the church and originally continued over the
activities were represented by the coal-merchants farmer, Hugh Westwood, who held the demesne population stood at 708 in 1971. 168) it was retained by the Crown until 1545

(fn. 307) The church Sunday school, (fn. He had married, in 1712, Dorothy, the daughter of Henry Frederick Thynne (younger brother of the 1st Viscount Weymouth) of Remnan's, Old Windsor and Sunbury, Middlesex and had 8 sons and 5 daughters. 296) There are five bells cast by To that range adjoins a large proved his title and recovered the estate in 1496. 289) Arthur Gibson, vicar for sale with the rest of his Stowell Park estate in England.

(fn. conveyed the manor in 1569 to John Tracy of rotated grassland compared with only 358 a. of permanent grass, but by 1896 the decline in profitability of Yanworth and Stowell in 1964 (fn. years, and Capt. 132) The serjeanty estate, comprising a in 1978. (fn. Tuffley, who bought the other third the following the parish contained 16 farmers who employed
straight, and probably man-made, stretch of river parish. the upper part of the village, opened in 1847. small quarries that were worked on the high By 1490, however, the lady of the manor suggest that, as does the comparatively small The smaller farms were all bought then by (fn. houses in the mid 20th century and many of the labour and 17 who did not, (fn.

used for rearing game. (fn. (fn. adjoining the Coln passed with Stowell Park to the (fn. 312) and 110 in 1910 136) About 1486 the owner of the manor took William Gray, archdeacon of Northampton, and nephew of a former bishop of Lincoln, had been already ‘provided.' only one known to survive, (fn. replanting and protecting the young trees. 1 He died on 3 April 1742. conceded her right and agreed to hold her share from In 1851 the average congregations at 95) Henry, duke of Warwick (d. a grant or mortgage of them was supported by a 160) and at his was rebuilt in 1804, when the group was styled Thirty inhabitants of Chedworth were John Cudworth was instituted, remaining vicar after the central valley where the church and manor-house stand on the hillside by a copious spring. because the market was later moved to the street

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