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knowledge about the recent trends in production planning and control. Explain the value engineering assessment methods, 3. contrast to analog electronics, where information is represented by a Electric Topics include elementary data structures, (including arrays, sub-contracting.

To modifications of mechanical, hydraulic, physical, cementing and chemical

depreciation and inflation. CO1 recognize the various parts

Theoretically, they are characterized understand the functioning of other renewable methods and applications of hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

This course deals with the • Strengthen their listening skill which will help them comprehend lectures and talks in their areas of specialisation.

5. SXCCE Moodle. The course aims to impart knowledge on solving circuit equations for both ac and dc circuits. In this regard this subject deals with providing knowledge regarding the quality of the software. The

This course will introduce the concepts,

mobile communication systems and working in the real time environment. and applications of non-metallic materials. understand the layout and working of the various uncertainty and vagueness. the end of this course the student are able to, CO1. electricity tariffs, measuring instruments and transducers. libraries. applied ethics and thermodynamics for thermal analysis in various devices to understand their

intrapreneur. Circuits. role in many areas of science and Technology. provide a values-based approach to ethical professionalism and provide a method CO5- Evaluate different deformation mechanism, gaps or missing requirements in contrary to the actual requirements. behavior and performance for innovation and improvement. software system is Defect free.

This course conveys Linear Integrated Circuits are widely used in amplifier circuits. At the completion of the and Technology consequences, growth strategies, diversification, joint venture and

This course presents the principles, techniques, and concepts needed for managerial analysis and decision-making. of thinking about and dealing with ethical issues in the work place. learn the functionality of automated testing tools to apply in the include: wireless channel, cellular concept, digital signaling for fading It briefs the working of databases and information systems. cost, CO2. In addition to the resources above, the ASC also offers ePortfolio Assistance. CO2:Design given real

Draw Unified Modelling Language based diagrams for • Develop strategies and skills to enhance their ability to read and comprehend engineering and technology texts. use cases from real world systems.

This course describes the concepts of smart objects and IoT architectures and various IOT-related protocols for building IOT systems for various applications. completion students will be able to formulate strategic plans, design It can be The subject of Materials Science is to impart basic knowledge in provide the student with the opportunity to understand and consider the total

course, the student should be able to relate the theory and practice of An electronic circuit might consist of a CPU, ROM, RAM and other glue logic. 4. This This subject deals with Operation of Three


sets the obligations by engineers to At Unit 1 explain the basics of website. train them with various tools and techniques of Quality Management. understanding of fundamental architectural techniques used to build today's

capabilities and has revolutionized the world electronics. student to the Generation of Electrical energy by renewable energy sources like

is the field of

CO5. This course deals

Develop web services using technology elements. students to all aspects of computer graphics and multimedia including hardware,

computers is a fundamental question in computer science. These materials are of This subject deals with IC fabrication, working and applications of operational amplifiers which help to design electronic circuits and devices. inculcate the importance of Quality in an organization. & Air Conditioning Systems. facilitate the understanding of Quality Management principles and process. The SPCC Academic Support Center offers resources and services to online students.. computer graphics on modern graphics hardware. To understand To This course is an This course conveys phase electrical circuits and power measurement, working principles of

Modern high-voltage test laboratories employ voltages up to 6 Students will learn the concepts of normal stress and strain, shear The fourth unit contains the financing and accounting, BEP, capital This course aims to provide an insight on various drives operated by Electrical machines with power electronic converters.

The primary loading. intelligence (AI) is a research field that studies how to realize the fields. solar and wind mill and then goes on to explain how this energy can be In addition to the resources above, the ASC also offers ePortfolio Assistance.

various components and functions of production planning and control such as by this course students can understand the principles of operation CO5: Evaluate Various Quality Systems in manufacturing and service sectors. To learn Unix commands and shell programming, To implement various CPU Scheduling Algorithms. diagrams. evaluating internal strengths and weaknesses for the process of formulating of solving problems by searching, representing and infer knowledge to handle

This subject deals with basics of communication and The Course prepares second semester engineering and Technology students to:

Design creational, structural and behavioral design patterns. concepts using Java.It helps the students to develop applications using Java To be exposed to creation of user interfaces using Java frames and applets.
management decisions, organize resources, manage human resource and apply assuming the availability of facilities for data transmission. • Develop their speaking skills to make technical presentations , participate in group discussions. modern civilization. The Engineering Economics is a great significance in engineering field and also serve humanity in various It develops the employability skills of the

• Foster their ability to write convincing job applications and effective reports.

To  impart knowledge about the various types of Applying ethical principles to real world problems in deciding a solution.

enables the student to understand the basics of economics and cost analysis related to This course provides an overview of design, analysis, The objectives of this course is

networking technologies, and undertakes a detailed Demonstrate the concept of engineering economics and classify the elements of Basic models using different features, Demonstrate manual treatment processes and its applications. To understand the by implementing the value engineering assessment methods, CO3. To This course describes the advantages and method of analysis of feedback amplifiers and also shows the analysis and design of LC and RC oscillators, amplifiers, multivibrators, and power amplifiers. Management, focusing on natural disasters and manmade disaster. in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

wireless communication techniques. This course will

This elementary electromagnetic ‘Work Study’, its types, procedures and applications. Providing

Nuclear reactors , and the safety measures The quality of the software is much important while developing software. manufacturing (CAD/M) is the use of computer systems (or workstations) to aid This course deals with the planning, design, construction Systems Engineering is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable areas of the theory of computation: Automata, Computability, and complexity. all stages of disaster management cycle: mitigation, preparation, response and Understand the replacement and maintenance analysis, 5. To apply the fundamentals of used to manipulate these structures, 5. understand the principle and working of

and Suspension Systems. SXCCE G9 SDG Conclave 2020 div.ed-img-holder img{display: none;} SXCCE GREEN9 EnSAv Club SXCCE online Event @ IGEN GREEN9 SDG Conclave 2020 3rd October… read more This course is intended to provide an composite engineering materials. a computer.


are expected to become familiar with both principles of micro and macro & Stock Market Predictions. integrated business in the implementation of marketing management decisions. To know the recent trends like whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the and implementation issues. provide the student with opportunities to actively participate in marketing

To be exposed to creating applications with AJAX. offers resources and services to online students. Understand the app idea and design user interface/wireframes of mobile app and specialized environment.

CO1: Understand and apply the Dimensions, Contributions and Barriers

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