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Their campaign has collected over 8,000 ideas in two years, collectively receiving a whopping 46,000 comments and 33,000 likes.

Magic indeed! Look here for some more ideas on how to run dedicated campaigns. Yammer would not be complete without a way to post relevant information.

Very much like Facebook, this Feed notifies you of activity and important posts by those within your network.

You can also specify specific people you would like to notify of the poll: only those in a particular group or everyone in your network.

If you like the flexibility of Yammer communication (instead of email), yet also enjoy the assets you get as part of Office 365 Group (SharePoint Site, Planner, OneNote, etc. For example, you can post links to relevant content or simply an issue you had getting into the parking lot. You can include HTML links to relevant company policy information and to Yammer training resources.

There is so much benefit in creating a ‘home for ideas’ where ideas from anywhere can land at anytime, and the culture of innovation is supported.

Announcement lets you format text, add attachments, tag topics, and choose specific people to notify. ‘Like’ a post to acknowledge you’ve read it and are on board. It’s crucial that organizations foster a culture of transparency that keeps everyone from leadership to firstline workers informed, aligned, and moving forward. Centrica had a process in place whereby they texted customers to advise them when the company had tried to phone them, but didn’t give the customer the option of texting back.

Source: Yammer.com. Interesting fact: after the Olympics, Yammer engagement at Gatwick continued to grow. It goes to show that small changes here and there can add up to significant savings. Start a public Yammer group (public = MIT-only) for a job function relevant to many departments. Use sentiment analysis to understand larger trends. Yammer is an enterprise social collaboration tool – essentially like Facebook for businesses - that provides a portal where all employees can connect, message and work together. Engaging through Yammer with their people, British Airways were able to develop trust and ensure that their people felt valued and part of a community. When you sign into your Yammer profile, you immediately will see the Feed. And, if it’s done right, there can be a lasting effect on company culture, making your business more innovative, resilient and transparent. They created a group on Microsoft Yammer called Bright Sparks, and the innovation team targeted specific areas of the frontline to help spread word of the campaign. In August 2016, three call centre employees shared an identical idea on the MAGIC group. To win in the game of change, you have to play. From pastry chefs and pilots to cabin crew and cleaners, ideas were generated from across the workforce. You can also host a YamJam, town hall, or create a poll to understand common issues that people are having. Follow and create, There are some really great examples on the Yammer blog. What do your people care about, and what might be on their mind.

workers, will be able to learn more and do more!

What are the biggest challenges in your industry today? It can also ease the rollout and adoption of new technologies by helping internal advocates get their voices heard. AvePoint ブログ更新情報など、便利なお知らせが満載の Make sure everyone knows about your campaign, get them excited with clever branding, and empower them with senior stakeholder buy-in. to get your organization to engage more. A great example of this is Microsoft’s CEO Connection group that helps Satya connect with everyone and share initiatives in one convenient location. oster conversations that support learning and development. Not an easy thing to do as a big business. Watch this video to hear David Williams, Service Recovery Strategist at British Airways, talk about how the campaign has changed the culture of innovation at the UK’s oldest airline: Big businesses can make the small ideas count. Manish from Mumbai, Sadia from Leicester, and Wayne from Cardiff all recognised the potential of allowing customers to reply to these texts.

Here are some simple steps: If you’re going to run an ideas campaign, you need to think about the why for your company. From ten shortlisted ideas, three have now been accepted into the company’s innovation portfolio with resource committed to bring them to life! Which Tool When: #MicrosoftTeams or Yammer?
With examples from British Airways, Centrica and Severn Trent - read how big businesses are working with Microsoft Yammer and Sideways 6 to harness employee ideas and develop a culture of innovation. Centrica has achieved staggering engagement with their MAGIC campaign, capturing the imaginations of employees across their global network. Let’s get into it! That said, the comments and engagement will be tied to the original recording.

Hundreds of ideas were submitted, included replacing glass with plastic for wine bottles, washing engines more regularly, and using lighter cutlery for business class passengers.

Bring the best ones to life with Sideways 6. This is a good place to post upcoming events or deadlines. They set out to engage their people to innovate in three key areas: Using the initial campaign as a launchpad, Avios planned to have an impact so great that a culture of innovation would remain embedded long after the campaign ended. Avios found that the best way to engage their employees to collaborate and share their insights and ideas was to get creative. how to increase organizational engagement. Yammer speaks directly to this and Dux and I are here to explain why. Due to the unprecedented pace of change in the energy sector, Centrica needs to continually innovate to deliver operational efficiency and continuous business improvements. If you wouldn’t want your grandma to read it, don’t post it here. Yammer allows to do private communication with users/employees within Organizations and also outside of your Organizations (with external users only). © 2020 AvePoint, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Using Microsoft Yammer, the companies below have been able to seamlessly embed innovation into their organizations, creating safe places where employees can share and engage with new ideas. If you want higher production value, the ability to schedule, share, watch and comment/engage in Yammer, or to use an encoder with a video team, create the live event in Yammer. Here are a few examples: Integration with Office 365 Groups. Praise: Who doesn’t like a pat on the back? The process is slightly more complex with Yammer but the overall event will have more features and allow for a better attendee experience. Monitor and drive engagement, identifying top ideas and tagging employee experts to get their view and inspire more collaboration. Yammer Communities: 3 Reasons Yammer Is Relevant Again. Then it will provide spaces for you to input multiple-choice answers for others to choose from. Announcement: When posting to a Group, you have one additional option. Change is the new norm. The thing with change is that you want to be the one driving it, not fortifying against it or – even worse – ignoring it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We have a ton of resources designed specifically for this. The biggest idea of the campaign, however, was to descale the toilet pipes in order to make them lighter. They wanted to create an open platform for employee ideas as they don’t believe innovation should be limited to one team – any one of their employees could have a great idea. Sample Yammer usage policy.

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